Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
e2d::graphics::AnimationControls an animation
e2d::graphics::AnimationFrameRepresents a frame of animation
e2d::graphics::AnimationMapRepresents animation sequences
e2d::audio::AudioManagerControls sound settings
e2d::core::Base64DecoderDecodes data from a Tiled map
e2d::graphics::ColorRepresents a color
e2d::core::EventHandlerProcesses the SDL events
e2d::core::ExceptionClass whose purpose is to be thrown
e2d::graphics::FontLoads a bitmap font
e2d::core::FpsCalculates framerate
e2d::core::GameApplicationThe entry point of Easy2D
e2d::graphics::ImageLoads and blits an image
e2d::graphics::ImageDataControls the raw data of an image
e2d::core::ImplementationAn abstract class that is the base for your game
e2d::core::KeyboardKeeps information about which key is being pressed
e2d::graphics::LabelBlits text with a font
e2d::graphics::MapLayerA layer of a tiled map
e2d::core::MouseContains mouse handling routines
e2d::core::RectRepresents a rectangle
e2d::core::ResourceContent of a ResourceMap
e2d::core::ResourceMapStorage of resources
e2d::core::SimpleTimerChecks if an interval has elapsed
e2d::audio::SoundRepresents a sound
e2d::graphics::SpriteRepresents a sprite
e2d::graphics::TileMapLoads a tile map in xml format and blits it
e2d::graphics::TilesetLoads a tileable image and blits its tiles
e2d::graphics::TTFLoads a character font and blits text
e2d::core::UtilitiesProvides useful methods
e2d::graphics::VideoInitializes SDL video and provides a framebuffer
e2d::graphics::WindowCreates a GUI window

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